Monday, 11 February 2013

Stupid Supermarket Customer 3

Employee is putting the Stupid Customers items through the till, and gets to some chicken wings. The wings has a label for £2.00 when they are usually £5.98.

Stupid Customer
'£2.00 is a great price for some wings! I even got two of them!'


The employee is about to put through the chicken wings, until she notices a strange odor.

'Ma’am your chicken wings have a strange odor, you sure you want these? It could explain why they are two pounds instead of five.'

Stupid Customer
'Yeah! I’ll still take them, I will just have to eat them tonight.'

With that the Stupid Customer purchases her questionable chicken and leaves the store

The Stupid Customer has children with her, and one of the kids is very nervous about eating the meat.

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